Fungus ( Onicomicoz )

Fungi is a seriously contagious ailment which can be the result of wearing improper shoes, not being careful about personal hygene and improper socks usage. Your feet can be infected walking with naked feet in mosques, pools and baths or wearing the other people’s slippers or shoes. If your nails face with fungi, no sooner should you have it healed. Otherwise fungi can give harm to the ceratine layer and even the nerves of the feet. The nail will start having a brownish color because of the fungi and it will get thicker. Having fungi in the nail is not only a health problem but it also looks bad aestetically.

The treatment of the fungus starts by getting rid of the thickness of the nails.





PodyArt, having an experience of long time, serves you with professional treatment. In our medical hand and feet care units, we use the most advanced millers to help.

The treatment will proceed with the suitable preperate which will be recomended by our podologs.

The treatment will take about 2-12 months according to the type of the fungi, diabetics, the patient’s immune system, etc. One should be patient if he or she has fungi and sholud use the suitable preparates regularly as told by our podolog.

Please take an appointment before you visit us.






Images below are taken at the treatment session of a patient with very advanced nail fungus.(28 July 2022)

This elderly person had great difficulties, preventing him doing ordinary activities including standing up and walking. One treatment session was enough to provide the necessary treatment for him.