Cracked Heels and Callus Treatment

Callus, which is thickness and keratinization on the epidermis layer of the skin , is one of the most frequent foot problems. In order to get rid of this painful ailment, the patient should get regular foot care.

After our patient’s fourth visit, he/she can see the difference on his/her heel.

The pain where the callus can be seen is not because of the thickness of the skin .

İt is due to the pressure this thickness makes on the nerves. Callus takes place due to the pressure, as the body tries to protect itself . The body thickens the layer of the skin and in time, when we wear improper shoes or due to the other pressure on the foot, callus will be painful.

Callus can be seen generally on or between the toes and on the heels. It can be seen more often on the high soles which is hereditary.

Our center gives the right service with advaced milling machines in a fully sterile environment.

The prices of the callus treatment in our center range according to the amount of the callus on the feet. You can contact us for more information.

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