Ingrown toenail is a kind of toe ailment which causes pain and difficulty in walking. Itcauses unpleasant appearance and this discomfort can continue for a long time. It also causes irritation and inflamation in the skin under the toe and foot .

With processive treatment methods, this ailment can be totally cured .

You can read the article below and get information about the worlwide systems which are implemented in our centre.

How can ingrown nail occur?

Our feet are our organs which support and carry our bodies.

The reasons of an ingrown toenail can be: improper shoe preferance, high heeled and pointy toed shoes, overweight, diabetic, stepping abnormality, pregnancy, unhealthy pedicure and genetic factors.

Diabetes is another important factor which can cause ingrown toenail and other problems with the feet.

The most frequent cause of the ingrown toenail is misapplication of pedicure. PodyArt will give you information about the teatment for your ailment according to the type of your nail ( thin, cracklig, hard and thick )

The most important of all, you will get rid of the pain with your nail at the moment of the application.

In our center , we use 5 different methods fort he rehabilitation of ingrown toenail:

  • 3TO Brace System
  • BS/ Spange Band System
  • Podofix System
  • Combiped